How Big is BC's Collision Problem?

Intersection CrashEvery year on the first of January I restart the collision counter on the DriveSmartBC web site. In order to try and keep it accurate I check ICBC's latest collision statistics, calculate the daily average and tweak the code that produces the display. This year, I can't get data on the number of people injured by impaired drivers. I'm sure that you will agree that it is an important statistic to know.

Hoping for an answer, I contacted ICBC as they are the official keepers of the data. Sorry was the prompt response, since the provincial government removed the requirement to report collisions to the police in 2008 we can no longer provide that data. As ICBC does know how many collisions involve impaired drivers I find this answer somewhat suspect but it should still make us all pause and wonder. Are we losing touch with how often the bad things are happening on our highways?

I suspect that the main reason for the removal of the requirement to report collisions to police is the simple fact that there were just too darned many of them for the police to keep up with. This alone is a bad sign. To me it shows that we don't care about traffic safety because our insurance scheme will smooth things over and no one will really hurt too much. It's just another day on the highway.

At minimum, the police should attend and report on all injury and fatal collisions. The causes of the collision should be determined and the violators held to account, both by the insurance company and the justice system. If there are no consequences for having a collision other than inconvenience there will be less incentive to drive safely.

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Decided to stop keeping track? If there are too many to keep up with now,,doesnt that automatically make you want to know even more now?

Or has the Government decided to keep the FACTS from the PUBLIC?You would think it would make them pay MORE ATTENTION,so as to be able to come up with a SOLUTION to the Increasing numbers.

Sure would like to know who,s Brilliant Idea that was,I would like to send them a nice e-mail.

Did someone get back on Keeping Track Now? Or did You find a New Sorce?

All stats in the counter are based on the 5 year average provided by ICBC up to and including 2011 except the impaired driving injuries. They are taken from the number published for 2009 referred to as a link below the counter. I am going to change the text to reflect that.


It struck me too late sorry,I saw it quick before I went to recent posts,then read that the next time. It did,nt sink in right away that I had seen a fatality number,and then just asked before looking.

The ICBC definitely will have stats that track mva's and "causes".  They will have records of impaired charges and convictions as well.  ICBC is in the business of predicting claims frequency and size, as well as attempting to attenuate claims.  This info shouldn't be "protected" in any way, and I can't imagine that they would attempt to deny you access if you make a formal request.  As they have mandatory 3rd party insurance on "every" vehicle, and also end up paying out on many uninsured claims, their data will likely be the most comprehensive of any other source.  The Motor Vehicle Traffic Accident Investigation Reports that the police used to use more frequently (and submit to ICBC for data collation) aren't as comprehensive a data source as the actual ICBC file data - which would include the Reports (such that they are nowadays).

You should be able to access this information by making a specific request for the stats under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.....Section 33(B) RSBC 1996 Chapter 165.

Insurance Corporation
of British Columbia
206 - 221West Esplanade
North Vancouver, BC
V7M 3J3

Attention:       Information and Privacy Department


It's too easy to brush off an informal request - write a letter and reference the Act.

They're supposed to respond within 30 days, but you'll likely get a letter explaining the reason for their delay, and eventually get the info you seek.

Good luck.