RESOURCE - Traffic Accident System Tool

BCIRPU LogoThe BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit (BCIRPU) has updated it's Injury Data Online Tool to include data from 2018. This is the site's description of the tool:

The Traffic Accident Police Investigation Report (MV6020, formerly known as MV104) is completed by a police officer at the collision scene. In many police jurisdictions, the police do not attend all reportable collisions; in the case of unattended collisions, a driver is required to report the collision to a police station if it meets the injury or aggregate damage criteria. The data from the completed MV6020s are entered into the Traffic Accident System (TAS) database. The TAS database provides detailed information at the “accident” level, describing factors related to the crash itself such as contributing factors (speed, alcohol use, distracted driving); the “entity” level describing the vehicles involved in the crash, and the “victim” level describing type of victim (occupant, pedestrian, etc) and outcome (death, major injury, minor injury).


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