VIDEO - Can a Connected City Stop Crashes?

VideoThis video demonstrates a system called Safety Insights created by the Ford Motor Company. The system uses data provided by connected vehicles to assist engineers in anticipating collision problems, testing countermeasures and deciding which to apply through cost / benefit analysis. The expected outcome is collision prevention rather than applying corrections after they occur.

The City of Windsor, Ontario is the first Canadian city to sign up to use Safety Insights. A search of their website finds mention that the data for the tool only comes from Ford connected vehicles, but no updates on what is happening with the system itself.

The following resources explain how data from connected vehicles can be useful in reducing collisions:



Opt out

Does Ford allow customers to opt out? Is this not an invasion of ones privacy?

Have said for years that if I ever have an accident the first thing I want is the black box. It is my vehicle and I feel as with dash cams it is my choice what I want to share.

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