VIDEO - Crashing Into the Rear of a Commercial Trailer

IIHS LogoI've always wondered how well the underride protection at the back of heavy commercial trailers would work, but I was never called on to investigate a collision like this. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has produced a video that shows these underride prevention structures provide poor protection when built to US standards and only slightly better protection when built to Canadian standards. Clearly a collision like this is one that the front seat passengers could literally lose their heads over.


Excellent Law gone bad,and thats at 45mph too!! Were no engineers consulted?

I hope more people see this Vidio.As I used to drive a semi,I am aware of the incredible amount of MV,s  that tailgate Semi,s,right up to the posted 75mph of some Interstate hwys,and 65mph on rural hwys.At these speeds,after watching that,the MV,s would be getting peeled off the back 2 axles,or become one with the rear tires of that semi.Espessally when the tailgater has absolutly no Idea of any event that may happen ahead of that semi.A semi Can stop on a dime,YES CAN!! If your on a 2 lane hwy,and that semi your tailgating meets Head-On with a heavier semi,,It will stop on a dime,and the tailgater will have Zero Chance to so much as Blink,before biing one with that semi(hope you had a good life,right up till this happens)

And I used to think the greatest threat to these semi tailgater,was when a trailer tire blows out,ever heard one blow out? I have,,It sounds like a cannon just went off,and now you have large,heavy chunks of tires,at hwy speed,flying everywhere.

I never put much thought into the underride protection,other than to make sure the trailer I was hooking up to,had it.