The Forgotten Stop - Emerging From Alleys and Driveways

Stop SignHow often have you seen a driver exit an alley, parking lot or parkade and either zoom right across the sidewalk or make a first stop directly over top of it? This can make life difficult for pedestrians who may happen to be in the way. It shows that the driver is not thinking ahead as the sidewalk is there to be seen and the potential conflict with pedestrians recognized.

When you are driving in a business or residence district and emerging from an alley, driveway, building or private road you must stop your vehicle before driving onto the sidewalk or sidewalk area. Once stopped you must yield to pedestrians present and allow them to pass safely in front of you before continuing. Having yielded, you may proceed when traffic on the highway permits.

A business or residence district is defined in the Motor Vehicle Act. A residence district is a portion of the highway 100 meters long with 50 meters of residence frontage on one or both sides of it. A business district is similarly defined, but the specified lengths are 200 and 100 meters respectively.

If you are not driving in a business or residence district, you must exercise caution and yield to any traffic when you are about to enter or cross the highway from an alley, driveway, building or private road. In this case, pedestrians, cyclists, ridden and herded animals or other conveyances are considered to be traffic.

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This is key issue overlooked by most drivers who only stop when forced to do so by traffic. In their minds a speed of less than 10 kph is stopped.

Past back alleys and lanes,,Even if I am on a sidewalk,,as the pedestrian,I often have to give the right of way to the driver that comes shooting out,,,from between buildings on Both sides,,,across the sidewalk and even don,t stop until the front of THEIR Vehicle is even with the parralel parked cars.  The point that THEY may get hit by cross traffic vehicales.

Total Disregaurd for the Parent, pushing their child in a stroller down that sidewalk,or Anyone walking,jogging,or slower moving seniors on the sidewalk,,,where they are supposed to have the Right of Way.

While Driving I have had to come to a stop several times for Vehicals that come shooting out of a back alleys without so much as slowing down.

I Call this a Total lack of any common sense,and regaurd for Human Life.


... is that only some ICBC Road Test routes commence from parking lots where this ability (or lack of it) will be observed by the Driver Examiner.  Just as some ICBC Road Test routes will include driving down a back alley/laneway where the same rule applies.

But they will try to include one, or the other, where possible.