Q&A - Custom Rods and Tire Poke

Q&A ImageGood morning!  I have another question from a Four Wheel Drive Association member:

"I read about 4x4s getting ticketed for tire poke, but in the summer I constantly see hotrods driving on the road with no fenders at all; anyone know why hotrods don't need their tires covered but 4x4s do?"
This is another that generates a lot of speculation, misinformation, and "my uncle's best friend got away with it for years". It seems to me there used to be some small tidbit about the rules for street rods on ICBC's website, but I can't find that any more. Hoping you might be able to point me to some real facts.

The amendment of Division 7.01 MVAR to allow certain vehicles to operate without fenders under specific conditions will be a year old in 2 days.

Here is the bulletin advising the inspection facilities of the change and how to treat the vehicles included in the amendment when they are presented for inspection.

My personal guess, right or wrong, is that the provincial government caved in to a special interest lobby.