READING - Bicycle Facility Implementation

CyclistThe Minnesota Department of Transportation has published a Bicycle Facility Implementation Quick Reference Guide that is meant to serve as a simple reference to that state's Bicycle Facility Design Manual. The quick reference will help local agencies to quickly navigate to reliable and current resources necessary to determine bicycle facility selection, design process, and operations and safety.

The document abstract says:

This Quick Reference Guide was informed by a survey of local agencies’ bicycle facility design practices, questions and concerns. It is intended to demystify common questions about appropriate facility selection and design to help practitioners confidently implement low-stress bicycle transportation networks. The Guide provides information on the variety of bicycle facility selection and design guidance documents available and identifies which to use as primary resources in Minnesota.

The document would be of interest to cycling advocates in BC who are trying to convince their municipalities to provide safe cycling infrastructure.

Why this one and not the locally developed Active Transportation Design Guide? The purpose of the document is the same but it has some important local legal context and is in metric.

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I only bring it up because the BC guide has references and citations from all over the world including several US States and large cities (including Minnesota) as well as the Netherlands and other progressive cycling jurisdictions.

According to its introduction its purpose is to compile international best practices and present them for the BC context. I think that's really important to think about because nowadays every state/province and large city has their own guide like the Minnesota one and the inconsistency is creating issues.