VIDEOS - Sharing the Road with Heavy Trucks

video iconHere is a series of four videos from TranBC that are part of the Be Truck Aware initiative.  They illustrate dangerous choices made by the drivers of small vehicles when they fail to share the road properly with heavy commercial vehicles.

Be aware of the extra room a truck needs to safely make a right hand turn in a city intersection – and the danger other drivers may put themselves in by not paying attention.

It takes much longer for a large commercial truck to stop than a passenger vehicle. This video shows why you should never cut in front of a truck.

Large commercial trucks have several blind spots, and truck drivers may not be able to clearly see other vehicles around them. Never hang out directly in front of, behind or beside a large truck.

A look at the several scenarios in which B.C. drivers are putting themselves at risk by not driving safely around large commercial trucks.


Incompetent drivers

I've held a Class 1 since 1954. I used it a lot back then but not so much later on. In the past 15 years, I've been able to co-drive a friend's semi/B-train and spell him off. Sadly, the competence of many truck drivers today .... is lacking. The industry is beset with undercutting, poor maintenance and low wages. Many truck drivers are in the business because they love to drive. But professionalism has become a rare quality.

About 8 years ago, I followed a truck which by-passed the chain-up at the top of the Larson Hill. It was very slippery and that truck was out-of-control almost all the way down. My friend said that it was nothing unusual today.

The videos are aimed at car drivers but how many will look at them? Remembering that 95% of drivers are above average (In their estimation), It'a always those "other" drivers who cause problems. Many truckers run dash-cams to back up their statements to ICBC ... and to the police.

I've told a few RCMP friends that the most effective "Ghost car" would be a semi.

I'm so glad that I made a career change over 55 years ago.

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