READING - Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center Case Study Compendium

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center Logo"This Case Study Compendium contains a collection of brief, original case studies developed by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center and the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals. The case studies, or success stories, cover pedestrian and bicycle projects and programs from across the US and abroad, including engineering, education, enforcement, encouragement, planning, health promotion, and comprehensive safety initiatives. They are intended to provide ideas and spur thinking about potential activities communities can undertake to further support bicycling and walking. Each case study provides a context in which the program or project takes place, a description of the pedestrian and/or bicycle issues faced, as well as how the community sought to address their concerns through various measures. Finally, a results section describes the successes and lessons learned from the planning or implementation of the activity." The quote above was taken from the Foreward in the document that features some British Columbia case studies.


Read the Compendium (PDF)

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