Q&A - Who Turns First at a Two Way Stop?

Q&A ImageTwo drivers are stopped on opposite sides of a through road. One is turning right, the other is turning left, Which one has the right of way?



I looked at the Learn to Drive Smart manual from ICBC and it says this:

If two vehicles are stopped at a two-way stop and one of the drivers wants to turn left, this driver should yield the right-of- way to the other vehicle. The only exception is if the left-turning vehicle is already in the intersection and has started to make the turn. In this case, the other vehicle must yield.

So, in your scenario, the right turn vehicle goes first according to ICBC. Having thought about it, I can see where this comes from. If both vehicles are stopped, neither is in the intersection and neither has advantage over each other when cross traffic clears but the left turning driver has the duty to yield to traffic close enough to be a hazard.

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It’s what I thought. I just needed confirmation as it happens to me quite often when I am making a right turn onto  Lerwick from Malahat with a driver making a left turn on the opposite side. Both of us from a stopped position, but them having arrived first.

I usually yield to the other to avoid a collision, but I’m afraid that just supports their bad driving habits. I suspect that many drivers treat a two way stop the same as the many four way stops we now have. I.e. first come first to go.

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