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ANYTHING that distracts you or that impairs your ability to be in care and control, is or should be illegal.

We keep hearing from people who say that they can drive while on the phone, fatigued, after a few drinks, while texting, grooming, tending the kids in the back seat .... whatever.  Well wake up!  ANY of these things causes you to be less than fully attentive to the job at hand and many a test has shown this to be true. 

How would you feel if you found out that the pilot of your aircraft was chatting up the cute Flight Attendant rather than paying attention to landing? 

Perhaps our distain should not be directed so much towards those who crash and take themselves out.  After all, it was their own stupidity.  The tragedy is when they kill or maim innocent people. A slap on the wrist from our courts, a bit of therapy and they're back at it.  And a few Lawyers got a bit richer .....

Riding a motorcycle does two things:

It makes you very aware of your surroundings and potential dangers from incompetent drivers.  Sometimes, even the competent ones. 

It makes you a lot less tolerant of those who choose to drive distracted or impaired.

Coming alongside someone at a stop light lineup who is texting or yakking on the phone, I've been known to make some very direct references to the driver's habits and parentage and to the brand of cell phone.  I've lost far too many friends to idiots to feel charitable.

Personally?  My cell phone is turned off when I'm driving or riding.


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