Do You Know Someone Who Should Not be Driving?

Bad DriverI often hear comments that a friend or family member should not be driving. This person is usually either an older driver or a person suffering from health issues known to the person making the comment. These people also wish that someone would do something about it.

Difficult as it may be, these people are the best ones to do something about it and the agency that they need to report to is of Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles in Victoria. The Superintendent will take reports from anyone with direct knowledge of the problem and who is willing to identify themselves so that the report can be properly verified. A letter or fax is the appropriate report and the address or fax number is available on the Superintendent’s web site.

Without reports such as this it can be difficult to identify drivers who for whatever reason are no longer capable. Yes, the law does require that a doctor identify a patient that is no longer capable, but only if the doctor cautions the patient to stop driving and the patient does not do so. Mandatory medical driver exams don’t occur until age 80 unless a problem has been identified.

Worried about what will happen if you make a report? I’m sure that it would be a difficult decision for anyone to turn in a friend or family member. I suppose it comes down to asking yourself if you can live with that, or can you live with knowing that the incapable driver has hurt themselves or others because you didn’t do something. This decision may not be one that you can rely on “the system” to make for you.


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