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ICBC LogoToday's hopeful new drivers must take a computer based knowledge test and pass with a score of at least 80% correct in order to obtain a learner's licence. Contrast that with the 20 question A or B test that I took when I was 16 or my mother who simply paid for her licence and then learned to drive!

You can take an on line test containing 25 of these questions or a companion Road Sign Recognition test on ICBC's web site.

Experienced drivers should be able to obtain a high score on either of these tests. Can you?


Questionnaire grammar ain't no good...

Boy oh boy, who wrote that questionnaire? We found the grammar to be very poor. Some of the questions are not clear because of the wording. Some of the questions are not clear because it's confusing which way the vehicles are moving.

I would suggest that the questionnaire, and I presume there are others, be reviewed by an English grammar teacher. Oh boy, there goes more tax dollars!

Oh, for pity's sake.

It's not an English Examination.

It's a Knowledge Test, and the purpose behind it is to determine to what degree the Applicant has comprehended the information found in the relevant guide (in this case, 'Learn to Drive Smart').

Creating multiple choice tests like this is challenging, but ICBC do a very good job with it. The wording is designed for about a Grade 8 level of comprehension, and it works well, whether the Applicant is a teenager or a driver from another jurisdiction applying for a BC license.

The language used is entirely appropriate to the circumstance. These tests work well for their purpose.

Also, so far as I'm aware, tax dollars have nothing to do with it. Knowledge Tests cost $15 each time, which is supposed to cover the costs of their creation and administration.

Oh, for pity's sake

I agree some of the questions could be improved for clarity. Far more thought should have been put into this exam.

Take question nine with the bicyclist and the car turning left. As bicycles are suppose to follow the rules of the road passing the left turning vehicle on the left would be illegal. The answer is obvious but is it appropriate for a person writing the test for a licence?

Definitely not grade 8 level or at least when I attended school. You would have been lucky to squeak a pass out of grade 4. Could this be part of the problem we have on our highways? We are turning people out onto our roads with the mental capacity of a 10 year old?


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