Q&A - Learner from Outside BC - Do I Need to Display an L?

New Driver Signs 2011My husband and I are planning to take the 14 hour drive from Peace country down to the Okanagan, on to Vancouver and back to Alberta for the long weekend in May. I'm super excited to visit my small home town and be able to drive around in it.

We got to talking and I can't find anything anywhere stating I'm not allowed to drive in B.C. with my learners, and we still have an L from when my husband had his class 7 in B.C. so I guess my question is, am I even allowed to drive in BC? Do I need to bring that L? is there additional rules I should brush up on and follow?

I'm inferring that you have a valid Alberta learner driver's licence from your question.

Yes, if you have a valid driver's licence from Alberta you are allowed to drive here in BC.

You do not have to display an official BC new driver sign when you drive here in BC. However, you are subject to any restrictions on your Alberta licence when you are here. Failing to follow them will land you in trouble here in BC.