Q&A - Older GLP Driver Issue

New Driver Signs 2011I reported to police regarding an L driver on driving by himself and ok occasion with his kids in the car. I was then contacted by the police and told that the driver is not violating any motor vehicle act. However, under the new driver licensing, an L driver has to be accompanied by a licensed driver and limited to only 1 passenger. He drives his 3 kids with him. And doesn't put his L decal on his car either.

He has been doing this for quite a long time now. He was even driving without license for 2 years before he got his L license.

I need equal justice for other L drivers who abide by the rules.

Please let me know if his violation is valid violations?



It doesn't matter what age a new driver is, they are part of the Graduated Licencing Program (GLP) and have to follow the rules.

If this person is a class 7L driver rather than a class 5L (both are learners but the latter is much less common these days) they need to display the L, must not carry passengers, must have a qualified supervisor, must not drive at night, must have zero blood alcohol and must not use electronic devices.

All of these rules are set out in Division 30 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations.

Failing to follow them is an offence, and I would be curious to learn more details from the police explanation that this person is not in violation.

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