Too Many Sirens

AmbulanceAt all hours of the day or night emergency vehicles will use their sirens. I live in a small quiet suburb and you can literally fire a cannon as they say, down the main road at night. It is not fun being awakened at 3 or 4 in the morning because of this. I can appreciate what these folks have to contend with as far as dumb drivers are concerned but in the early hours of the morning there are no cars.

Like it or not, if you want swift emergency response in British Columbia you will have to put up with the scream of sirens regardless of the time and place. In order to disobey the rules contained in Part 3 of the Motor Vehicle Act the operator of an emergency vehicle must operate emergency equipment which consists of flashing red or blue lights and use sirens.

For example, the rules in Part 3 tell us that we have to follow speed limits, stop at red lights and keep to the proper side of the highway.

There is an exemption for police to respond to an emergency other than a pursuit without using emergency equipment. This can be done only as long as the risk to the public by not operating emergency equipment is less than the risk presented if it was used. Few incidents that the police respond to would fit in this category.

Police must use all emergency equipment during a pursuit regardless of the circumstances. Pursuits are defined as the apprehension of a person who refuses to stop as directed by a peace officer and attempts to evade apprehension.


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