Proper Display of License Plates

BC Olympic License PlateI was wondering if it was the law in B.C. to display both license plates on a vehicle? I see a lot of vehicles with only the rear license plate.

The humble licence plate has but one job, positively identifying the vehicle it is attached to. Without license plates, how would we know who owned the vehicle? How would you complain about an erratic driver or report your stolen vehicle? Photo enforcement would be stymied and even the lowly parking ticket would have difficulty.

Vehicle owners seem to find every excuse to do what they please, particularly with regard to the front licence plate. It looks ugly, I don't have a mounting bracket, the bolts are too rusted. Throw it on the dash, wire it onto the bumper, who cares? Hang bicycles in front of it, don't keep it clean, slap decorations over top, the list is endless. Even the provincial government has gotten into the act with an olympic and provincial park license plates that are difficult to read at half the distance you could read a standard plate at.

The short answer is that if you are issued two license plates, both must be displayed. One affixed to the front of the vehicle and one to the rear along with the license plate light. If you are only issued one, it goes on the rear. Keep them entirely unobstructed and mounted horizontally at all times.

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