Q&A - Blinded by the Lights

Q&A ImageWould you research the legality of driving (especially at night) with more than two headlights on when on low beam ? I drive truck at night and more and more people are driving with four lights on and calling them low beam lights. They are very bright to oncoming traffic and these idiots WILL NOT turn them off !!!


Light Complaints are Common

In fact, they are among the most common that I recieve through the web site.

What you are complaining about is likely low beam headlights and fog lamps being used simultaneously, which BC does not have a rule against. Occasionally it is someone with improperly installed driving lamps and these will blind you. Finally, many lamps are poorly maintained, either with clouded plastic lenses or improper aim.

There are a number of columns here on the site that deal with each of these topics. Please use the search function in the upper left to find them. Seach fog lamps, driving lamps, lamp aim and such to find them all.

Thanks, but...

thanks for your answer, but it doesn't really cover my question. Fog lights are yellow. They are legal to use only in foggy conditions. These are ' driving lights' which every manufacturer seems to hook up to low beam only. As these are 'supplementary' lights, surely B.C. has a regulation about when they can be used.

Please Use Search Suggestions

Fog lamps may be either yellow or white and here in BC may be used under any conditions, but may only be used instead of headlights if atmospheric conditions make the use of headlights disadvantageous.

Driving lamps are a different matter entirely. (again, search) They are regulated in when they may be used, and that is to supplement high beam headlights only.

Right.  The lens and

Right.  The lens and reflector design determines a fog light, not the lens colour.  A fog light beam is wide and flat, with a sharp horizontal cutoff well below the driver's line of sight to prevent water droplets in fog (or falling/blowing snow) from reflecting the light back into his or her eyes.  Fog lights are also useful for making turns on dark rural roads.

Driving lights have a long and bright beam, designed to illuminate objects while driving at highway speeds.

Most factory installed ancillary lights are fog lights.

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