Q&A - Hockey Stick Pipes

Q&A ImageI met a new Canadian yesterday, in his large car, and the visor was SO low that there is only (what looked to be, I didn't go over and measure) like 2 feet from the hood to the bottom of the visor. I understand the benefits of a drop visor, but this is taking an aftermarket improvement, to the absolute extreme. At this point, it looks cartoonish, and I am quite sure it poses a safety issue, since a drivers line of vision is extremely limited to whatever is right in front of the truck.

And he had those "hockey stick" pipes, that were turned almost straight out to the sides, which would make them almost 10 feet wide from tip to tip. I would think that meeting another truck on a narrow laneway, would be an issue, if the other truck was pulling a van, chip trailer, etc.

Now....I'm a big fan of long hood trucks, I like all the chrome and lights, and I applaud a persons personalization of their rig, but I wonder if it's even legal to change things to this level, just so you can say your visor is dropped more than anyone elses, or your pipes are bigger, etc.

Is there a ruling on these alterations?

On the topic of personalization, there is a debate going on in Alberta, concerning lighting.  One guy got a citation for the "mood" lighting under his truck. (It's L E D lights mounted underneath, to cast a glow on the ground, but you can't actually see the lights). Apparently, someone else was written up for lighting that wasn't "factory". (he has every bit of his truck covered in lights)

Is there a ruling for aftermarket lighting?

Thanks for your time.


Regarding the visor:

Requirements for moving vehicle

195 (1) A person must not cause a vehicle to move on a highway if

(b) the view of the driver to the front or sides of the vehicle is obstructed.

That would definitely be vision obstructing.

The exhaust stacks would be considered to be part of the overall vehicle width and if it exceeded 8' 6" or 2.6 meters the driver could be ticketed if there was no overwidth permit in effect.

As for lighting, very few additions beyond what the factory installs are legal. They are all covered in Division 4 MVAR.