Q&A - Mudflaps, or the Lack of Them

Q&A ImageMy question is concerning mud flaps/spray difusers or the lack of them.

Why is it that there seems to be an over-abundance of vehicles that don't utilize them? The worst offenders are the "monster" trucks, but not limited to them, zero overhang vehicles such as Smart cars, as one example, also 'fling' debris straight into the air.

Is there not a law to cover this? A reason why it is not enforced, or periodicaly targeted? As a commercial vehicle driver, if I lose a mud flap during the course of my duties/trip, I am subject to a fine, yet these people seem to go about unencumbered.


They are Needed


7.06 Every motor vehicle, trailer and semitrailer not constructed so that the spray and splash of water and mud to the rear of the vehicle is minimized shall be equipped with mudguards and, if necessary, mudflaps.

As you can see from the legislation, the requirement to minimize spraying the rest of the world with whatever you are driving through applies to all vehicles, not just large commercial ones.

When I was enforcing this with small vehicles the general objection was that mudguards and mudflaps didn't look good on the vehicle. Perhaps so, but this still doesn't remove the necessity for them and the possibility of enforcement action if you choose not to follow the rules.

I would be surprised if traffic services in BC don't pay attention to this matter.

Monster trucks

I find it interesting that enforcement agencies and ICBC will acknowledge the issue of mudflaps,while seemingly overlook the bigger issues regarding those vehicles.The original manufactures are held to very strict, and rigid standards regarding positioning of bumpers ,headlights,foglights,side impact beams,air bag sensors,and crash and roll-over standards,and yet there is little or no enforcment insuring that the standards are maintained. As vehicle insured by ICBC,how is it is able to be insured and driven on the road.The rules regarding these issues are clearly stated and covered in the MV act ,yet all these saftey measures are circumvented by the installation of lift kits and oversize tires.I own and  drive commercial vehicles, and gladly accept the regulations regarding inspections,and the standards which are expected and implied,however I feel this is a matter that should be given more attention.The roads in the fraser valley are infested with these "death traps",and they are not hard to spot.The unfortunate reallity of when one these vehicles is involved in a collision,the other vehicle is no longer afforded the benefit of the factory installed crash saftey equipment as a result of the modified trucks involvement.Just think,by shear height alone,airbag sensors,side impact beams and overall crash engineering are gone!I would hope that ICBC,police and CVSE will finally start to pay attention to this matter,as it compromises the saftey of everyone on the road.We all accept certian risks everytime we drive,but we are also entitled to be able to expect the saftey devices installed buy the manufacturer to be effective in the event of an accident.So next time you are blinded by the headlights,or are looking directly at the bumper( at the same level as your nose),think what would happen if that monster truck runs into you.In the mean time, I just hope I dont get creamed by one of these selfish people!

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