Q&A - Notice & Order #1

Q&A ImageI received a violation ticket and a Notice and Order for my car because the back brake lights and running lights were not working.

I am very unclear about what is required of me. -- I had the problem fixed immediately at my regular mechanic, but do I need to have it inspected at a designated facility?

The officer ticked box #1 on the Notice and Order. The reverse of the order says that, for #1, you need to have it inspected by an authorized inspector. Does that mean getting an inspection by a Designated Inspection Facility, or just bringing it in to present to a person at the police station?

Also, how long do I have to comply with the Notice and Order?

Can I drive the car on city roads in the meantime?



Here is the face of the Notice and Order showing the check boxes for the 3 actions that may be required of the person it is issued to:

Types of Notice and Order

From your description, you had the box 1 under PU (power unit) checked. The first requirement of you is that you take the vehicle off of the highway right away and not drive or park it on the highway again until all defects are repaired. The red printing tells you that you must follow the instructions on the form and directs you to read what is on the back of your copy.

Notice and Order Requirements

Additional requirements are set out here, again according to which box is checked on the front. Again, yours is a box 1, so your vehicle is towed, you pay the bill for the towing and you cannot drive or park the vehicle on a highway until after it has been examined and passed by an Authorized Inspector. You will only find an authorized inspector at a Designated Inspection Facility.

As long as you never drive or park the vehicle on a highway, you have as long as you want to before you have to comply with the order. Turn in your vehicle licence and number plates and you will never have to do the inspection. If you choose to do that and then sell the vehicle to someone else, you have to tell them that the N&O exists because they will not be able to licence and insure it until it passes inspection.

Remember, the simple definition of "highway" is any place that you need a licence and insurance to drive a vehicle.

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