Q&A - Replacing Airbags

Q&A ImageIf my vehicle was originally equipped with driver's airbag(s) and the ARS is deployed in a collision, etc. and the vehicle is repaired, do I have to replace the ARS in order to legally operate the vehicle? Or can I drive without ARS?



I wrote about making sure that the air bags were operational after you either purchased a used vehicle or perhaps were the victim of less than scrupulous repair businesses.

The inspection manual used by Designated Inspection Facilities in British Columbia requires that the inspector reject the vehicle if there is evidence that the airbag is missing, disconnected, inoperative or not re-installed to OEM standards or the airbag indicator lamp fails to light in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer.

So, it is not legal to operate a vehicle on BC's highways if the air bags are not in proper working order.

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