Q&A - Tires Too Wide for Fenders

Q&A ImageHow far can a tire stick out from the fenders on a vehicle before it is a violation? The MVAR just says the tread area must be covered by the fender.


You are Correct

The Motor Vehicle Act Regulations state:


7.06 Every motor vehicle, trailer and semitrailer not constructed so that the spray and splash of water and mud to the rear of the vehicle is minimized shall be equipped with mudguards and, if necessary, mudflaps.

In addition, the vehicle inspection manual (Superintendent's Standards) says the following:

Inspection Item:

c) fenders, quarter panels and mudflaps

NOTE: All vehicles including modified collectors, Vintage, Ubilt, replicar, replikit and speciality vehicles require fenders/quarter panels.

Reject if:

c) so damaged or corroded that factory installed lamps cannot be secured as per factory installation method, missing section torn or corroded away so road spray is not controlled, not full-tread width of tire, fitted so that it could cause interference with steering mechanism or cause rubbing of tires when suspension bottomed and steering moved stop to stop, includes rear wheels

The sidewall of the tire isn't going to sling much to the rear because it doesn't extend much past the tread of the tire, but the entire tread does need to be covered.


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