Your Teen's Vehicle

teens carWe are an affluent society. Teens today own vehicles in numbers only dreamed about when I was that age. Often their disposable income doesn't end there and many dollars are spent on vehicle modifications and improvements.

Some are good, some are borderline and others are decidedly unsafe. Where we tuned an engine and added a few performance parts, today's teens are adding superchargers, nitrous oxide kits, and whole engine replacements. Often the horsepower increases are very significant. Is the driver responsible enough to use that horsepower wisely?

Some of the modifications I am asked about scare me. The practice of stretching tires, which is adding a narrow tire to a too wide rim, is an example of some of the things that are being done. These may have significant safety consequences.

Do you know what is being done to your teens vehicle? Have you heard about ground effects, underbody neon, window tinting, lowering, raising, lens replacements and huge speaker systems instead of a back seat just to name a few? These can range from pleasing to the eye to downright dangerous and illegal depending on how they are used, how they are done and by whom.

When is the last time that you really looked at the vehicle to make sure it was safe?

If you don't want to call or drop by the detachment, you may consider contacting your nearest Designated Inspection Facility and asking the inspector's opinion. Take an interest, it could mean preventing a waste of money, difficulties with traffic enforcement or possibly saving life and limb.