REFERENCE - Addressing Citizen Requests For Traffic Safety Concerns

Exclamation Mark SignAddressing Citizen Requests For Traffic Safety Concerns is an interesting document from the Local Road Research Board in Minnesota. The following is taken from the document's abstract:

The purpose of this guidebook is to provide local agency staff with a best practice approach to addressing citizen’s common requests for traffic safety concerns (i.e. signing and pavement markings, not larger scale infrastructure or planning projects).

This guidebook focuses on the importance of communication with citizens when responding to traffic safety concerns or requests. It also provides guidance on logging requests, steps for following up on a request, standard responses, and an explanation of why a requested strategy may or may not be the appropriate solution.

Because of the differences between urban vs. rural environments, city vs. county agencies and staff availability, there is no one size fits all approach. This document provides general guidance that can be modified to meet each agency’s needs.

Each request should be investigated to ensure the safety of all modes of transportation.

What is of interest to the community is that the document contains both information and links to explanations of why the solutions that people often request may not be appropriate choices to solve their problems. Before you make a request to your local government body for a solution to road safety problems in your area, this is a good primer to read.