NEWS - Mandatory Alcohol Screening

Keys and DrinkEffective on December 18, 2018 amendments to the Criminal Code will allow police to demand that any driver stopped for a lawful purpose participate in a screen for alcohol use. Currently police must have a reasonable belief that a driver has alcohol in their body before they can make a screening demand. This is a proven traffic safety measure that has had significant success in preventing road deaths in countries such as Australia and Ireland.

The new law will repeal and replace the entire Criminal Code transportation regime, resulting in a modernized, simplified, and comprehensive approach to transportation offences, including impaired driving.  This area is one of the most litigated in the Criminal Code. The new legal framework will increase deterrence and the detection of impaired drivers, and simplify the investigation and proof of the impaired driving offences resulting in shorter trials and reduced delays.



This is war-time measures, with-out a war.

Police will now have the power to detain and search and cease evidence with-out a probable cause. This practice goes against personal freedoms tenets that make-up a free society. This is nothing but the beginning of an end of a long road to a "socialist" dictatorship.

Pretty hypocritical for anybody to claim democracy and freedoms in Canada after this "Criminal Code transportation regime" change resulting in "modernized, simplified and comprehensive approach" (speak about a Pravda-style State-broadcast language).

This change is not only unnecessary, it is a gross juxtaposition to the clear downward trend of diminishng road death toll and the drop in the count of DUI offenses historically. The society and the driving culture have improved so much that on average every day is a safer day to drive than yesterday. But instead of rewarding the shared safety achievements of all drivers, the State is tightening the bolts to a whole new extreme, unimaginable for a free country just a few decades ago.

In Soviet Russia individual freedoms were denied on a promise of a socialist utopia and a bright future, but at-least lots of people got free crappy apartments. Can anybody tell me what is the justification that we get in the ever increasingly Sovietized Canada? Seems to me we're all just "hanging on in quiet desperation (that's the English way)" until what? Whats the end game? Complete and unabridged control of the State over the population but for what deemed benefit? Not even a promise of a bright communist futures and apartments for everybody, only the grim locked down reality of State-instituted monopolies and law-sanctioned oppression that we must obey.


You gave some sobering (no pun intended) thoughts to ponder.  I detest DD and I fully support ANY measure to get them off the roads and given the harshest of punishment.  You make some very compelling points, most obvious is that Canada appears to be adopting a measure/mixture of all those “states” we wish to avoid.  You’re right..... to what end?  .... to what result? ..... to what benefit?  .... at what costs?  Probable cause has been argued and upheld in countless cases, so in this instance, I don’t understand how a Gov’t (our Gov’t) can arbitrarily and unilaterally send the system in disrepute.  Course the justice system is another subject, but this law seems to fly right in the face of the courts, the people and our freedom.

Impaired driving

I'm all for increased measures, however what is going to happen once someone is charged?

Too many times I see people driving when they are under a permanent ban. Amazing how many people "LOAN and lose" their cars to habitual drunks.

Another is "I need my license to get to work or to do my job". Should have thought of that BEFORE drinking.

It doesn't count on boats?????

My point is why change the law when to my reading, and personal experience watching others, it is a case of the existing laws not being enforced. These new laws could lead to abuse of those in power and still not solve the problem. The only solution I see is if someone drinks/tokes and drive then their license should be collected immediately , do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

I don't drink or drug before driving, it is not worth it.

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