VIDEO - Roundabouts: Driving Lesson

VideoRick August of Smart Drive Test introduces us to the roundabout or traffic circle.



If he drawls out "roundabouts" one more time, I think I'm going to barf!  Also, I'm not sure how you "cover the break" but "covering the brake" is second nature to me. A little proofreading would improve his credibility.

It's amazing the number of drivers that can't understand, "Yield to traffic in circle".  Simple, staightforward but how many ignore it or come to a full stop at an empty circle wondering what to do?  It negates the whole idea of traffic flow.  But then, there is a bit of a conflict about "Right of Way" the usual basic rule of which is, "The vehicle on you right has the Right of Way".  This is not so in a traffic circle.

Another reason for building these is that they cost less than a signal controlled intersection and are pretty much maintenance free.

A critisism of our traffic circles is that we build them too small.  In Europe, the UK and most other countries, they are of sufficient diameter that you hardly have to slow from the approaching roadway speed.  But then, courtesy in allowing proper merging is commonplace .... but rare here.

Finally, do we really need signs to tell you not to drive beside large trucks in a traffic circle?  Yikes .....

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