Q&A - Changing Lanes After Turns at Intersections

Q&A ImageWhen I'm in the advance left turn lane, and I am on the green, entering a 2 lane roadway, how far do I have to drive before I can change into the right lane. I had a situation that a driver entering the right lane, from a right turn on red, became upset with me, when I changed from left to right, I was ahead, he was speeding and nearly hit the rear of my car. Who has the right of way, I looked and thought I was clear to make the move. He is a New Driver, I am not.


Bad News

Being a new driver doesn't have anything to do with this and I'm sorry to say that being an experienced driver hasn't prevented you from making an error. Here's what the rule book has to say:

Driving on laned roadway

151 A driver who is driving a vehicle on a laned roadway

(a) must not drive it from one lane to another when a broken line only exists between the lanes, unless the driver has ascertained that movement can be made with safety and will in no way affect the travel of another vehicle,

The onus is completely on you to make the change from the left lane to the right one without disturbing other traffic. That may mean that you have to travel a long distance or perhaps only a short one as it really depends on the traffic in the right lane. Until there is room for you, the lane change cannot be made.

Yes, the new driver was not behaving properly either, but in this situation that does not matter.

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