cameraThis interesting looking vehicle was checked at the Parksville weigh scale. As evidenced by the tops of the rear tires almost scrubbing against the top of the wheel wells, it was considerably overweight. Commercial trucks are not the only vehicles on the highway that may be removed from the highway if safe loading rules are not followed, this one was too. The driver likely didn't need to look at the vehicle capacity ratings on the sticker in the driver's door opening area to know that he should not have loaded the car like this, but if he had, it would have told him the maximum safe weights for the load.

Overweight Car


Photos of concern

Overweight is one concern but what I see drivers getting away with, really bothers me,is these people who haul insecure loads. Such as fire wood nottied down, motor cycles and snowmobiles with only two tie down straps.What happens when for example a strap breaks on a motorcycle, over the side or out the back it goes possibly killing or injuring someone. But buy the time you make a phone call to report these incidents they are long gone before law enforcement can catch them.

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