READING - Safe Micromobility

As BC moves to test alternative methods of transportation using vehicles that would have been forbidden on the highway in past, this document will be interesting reading. It examines the traffic safety of pedal cycles, electrically assisted cycles and electrically powered personal mobility devices such as e-scooters, whether owned or shared, in an urban context.

Recommendations for safety include:

  • Allocate protected space for micromobility and keep pedestrians safe
  • To make micromobility safe, focus on motor vehicles
  • Regulate low-speed e-scooters and e-bikes as bicycles, higher-speed micro-vehicles as mopeds
  • Collect data on micro-vehicle trips and crashes
  • Proactively manage the safety performance of street networks
  • Include micromobility in training for road users
  • Tackle drunk driving and speeding across all vehicle types
  • Eliminate incentives for micromobility riders to speed
  • Improve micro-vehicle design
  • Reduce wider risks associated with shared micromobility operations


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