RESEARCH - LED Street Lighting

LED Street Light FixtureLED street lighting is controversial where I live. When BC Hydro upgraded some sections of the Town of Qualicum Beach the complaints started. For the most part they were about the new lights being too bright. There were many references in the media to colour temperature but none to the number of lumens that these lights were actually producing.

These fixtures do produce more light in the blue area of the spectrum. This has been related to interference with the hormone melatonin that may result in interrupting the circadian rhythm in humans. On the other side of the coin, it could also result in increased alertness and enhanced coginition for drivers.

Research from Virginia Tech Transportation Institute titled LED Roadway Lighting: Impact on Driver Sleep Health and Alertness looked at the relationship between LED roadway lighting and driver sleep health and alertness.

The study found that the experimental results do not support the need to modify standards due to any effects of LED roadway lighting on driver sleep health and alertness


Are the complaints from the

Are the complaints from the residents or drivers?

I can't comprehend a driver complaining about better street lightning.

I believe the Parks have installed LED lights in the Rogers Pass snowsheds and it is a great improvement. Even in a bright day when you immediately enter the sheds the light is bright enough there is no adjustment needed. With the old lights there was a split second especially for us older drivers to adjust.

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