Stay Home!

Winter StormWe've had some interesting weather in southwestern British Columbia over the last few days! It's included some less than ideal driving conditions due to ice, snow and rain, often in combination. A common bit of advice heard in the media is "if you don't have to travel, stay home!" Does anyone heed this advice?

For most of us, the only way to get where we need to go in a day is to drive and probably what we see as the biggest necessity is the need to drive to work. If you look out the window, decide it is not safe to travel and call your employer it will probably cost a day without pay or a day of vacation. For those workers not so fortunate, it could mean the loss of a job.

I called the Employment Standards Branch and Worksafe BC to see if there were any job protections for employees who decided that it was unsafe to travel and did not show up for work as expected. I was told that the employer could fire an employee at any time for any reason. Unless the worker is part of a union and there was something contained in the collective agreement, you were on your own for any job consequences stemming from your decision.

Little wonder then that a work day with significantly bad driving conditions still sees the usual rush to get there. Everyone has balanced their safety with the need to feed themselves and keep a roof over their heads and staying home is not in the cards.

If you are an employer, perhaps this would be a good time to talk about a safe commute to and from work for your employees. While a missed day of work is an inconvenience for the business, losing the employee due to a collision for any length of time could be worse. If conditions are really bad, maybe you should call it a snow day.



Submitted by E-mail

This was interesting because when I was working in Prince George my boss said I had to go to Quesnel on a very snowy blowy day. I said I was not going and he called back and said I had to go or that would be it.He called me three times and finally I did go around noon and the roads were very snowy but not many cars on the road so I made it safe. 
It was the same day that John Lennon  was shot  so I cried all the way to Quesnel and then when I got there to do my audit
I left my lights on and the car would not start when I went to leave.. A good Samaritan jumped my battery and I headed home white knuckling it all the way. 
The other night I had to drive to Mill Bay to have fun and did not go over 70 km an hour in icy conditions. It was a 90 zone so would I be breaking the law by going too slow?

Slow Driving

No, you would not get into trouble for driving below the speed limit if it was done for safety reasons. I cover that topic in an article titled Slow Driving.

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