Unsecured Vehicles

Lock CarIt is not uncommon to watch a vehicle pull up in the parking lot of a service station or convenience store and watch the driver get out and walk inside, leaving the vehicle unlocked, idling and unattended. What better opportunity for a car thief or joyrider can a person provide? Most people will say "I just went inside for a minute." Just a minute is more than a thief requires to leave you stranded. 

If you must leave the vehicle idling to keep it warm in the winter or cool in the summer, have a spare door key cut and put it on another key chain, or buy a key chain that has rings at both ends and splits apart. You can still leave the vehicle idling and be reasonably sure it will still be there when you get back.

Never use young children to look after an idling vehicle until you return. They are curious and love nothing better than to imitate mom and dad. It is not difficult to put the gear selector in drive and coast into a serious incident.

Better still, think green. Shut the vehicle off, lock the door and save fuel. Practicing this may save an insurance claim or a ticket.

Reference Links:

Leaving Parked Vehicle - Section 191 Motor Vehicle Act


Has the law changed?

It has been my understanding for years now,that if you leave your vehical unattended,weather it,s running or not,,,locked or not.

If you leave the keys behind in the vehical,(even for a minute) Does this not VOID your Insurance?

That's a Good Question

But you should ask it of your insurance company. There are many insurance providers other than ICBC that provide coverage such as theft insurance for vehicles to BC drivers and I could not possibly cover all responses here.


I will leave that up to other drivers,and owners as I always take my keys with me(even for a minute) so I will never have to deal with this in the first place.I have seen life from the criminal side,and realize thier total lack of concern for YOUR property or life.

Yes they could still steal my vehical,but I midaswell make them Work for it,if they are goiing to anyways. Why make it easier and more Inviting to people that could care less about you.

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