Your Worship, the Officer was a Jerk!

GavelYou've just received a traffic ticket and that fact hasn't shed any sunshine on your day. It's bad enough that this has happened, but from your point of view the officer was less than gracious when they issued it to you. I'll dispute the ticket and tell the court exactly what I think may cross your mind as you consider your situation. Surely the justice will see my point and give me a break!

Fast forward to your trial and your opportunity to give evidence on your own behalf. You start to tell the justice how badly you were treated at the roadside only to find that your testimony is being brought to a halt. The justice asks that you confine your evidence to the circumstances of the traffic violation, not the officer's manner of serving the ticket. He or she is not interested in the officer's demeanor, just the facts of the case. If you are not happy with the officer that is a matter for you to take up with others.

The proper authorities for receiving any complaint of a police officer's conduct in British Columbia is either the police force that the officer belongs to or the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner. Their job is to listen to your complaint and resolve it. Where the traffic court justice lacks the power to remedy your situation, if a remedy is merited, this is not true of these two agencies.

So, use your time wisely and effectively. Dispute your traffic ticket on legal grounds and make your conduct complaints where appropriate if they are merited. Remember, roadside interactions are often recorded today. This will support you if you are truthful and the recording has been made.

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The times I’ve been pulled over, or stopped at a road check the officers have been courteous and helpful. I honestly don’t believe anyone would get attitude unless they invited it.

It can’t be easy being a police officer these days and we should do everything we can to be courteous and helpful in return. After all the police are acting in the best interests of society when they enforce traffic regulations. They didn’t write the laws but it is their responsibility to assist in adherence.

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