Q&A - Passengers on a Scooter

motorcycleI was hoping to find out if it is legal to ride a Yamaha BWS50 50cc scooter and take a passenger. I assumed it was legal to ride with passenger but my neighbour thinks it is not legal. Any assistance is appreciated.

I took at look at Yamaha's web site and it tells me that the scooter has a large enough seat for two people there too, so this helps confirm that the machine was intended for more than one person.

Yamaha BWS50


194 (2) A person, other than the operator, must not ride on a motorcycle on a highway unless

(a) the motorcycle is designed and equipped to carry more than one person,

(b) the other person rides

(i) astride the permanent and regular seat if designed for 2 persons, behind the operator,

(ii) astride another seat firmly attached to the motorcycle behind the seat occupied by the operator, or

(iii) on or in another seat firmly attached to one side of the motorcycle, and

(c) in the case of paragraph (b) (i) or (ii), the other person has both of his or her feet positioned on the foot pegs or floorboards of the motorcycle.

So, we've got a motorcycle designed to carry a second passenger (seating for two) and there are floorboards that extend far enough back on the sides that the passenger can sit with their feet on those floorboards.

You should be good to go.