NEWS - Guide to Disputing a Ticket

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe Provincial Court of British Columbia has released a Guide to Disputing a Ticket. The 16 page PDF document expands the information available on the court's Traffic and Bylaws page and is aimed specifically at provincial violation tickets rather than federal or municipal violation tickets. This is applicable to traffic tickets issued under the Motor Vehicle Act and Commercial Transportation Act.

The Guide is intended to answer common questions about provincial violation ticket procedures and offer information on how to prepare for and conduct a trial. It does not provide legal advice and should not be used as a substitute for advice from a lawyer .


Last week I was served a ticket at my home by the police stating the charge mentioned above. I was surprised and asked them for an explanation which they denied. I asked for details and they told me they would not talk to me or listen to me.

After digesting the news I spoke to some friends including a para-legal in Victoria where I live. He asked if I had been interviewed by the police about the case and I said no. He asked how did they know I was driving.

I do recall passing a cyclist who swore at me as I passed him and noticed that he was now chasing me down the road. When I turned onto another street he came past me cursing again and threatening to report me. I thought nothing of this until the police served me with a ticket.

I have an impeccable driving record with no tickets or insurance claims in the 28 years I have been driving. I am very stressed by this as I read about the penalties including loss of my license and jail time.

I will be filing an appeal and had planned to observe in the courtroom. I cannot afford a lawyer but would like some advice.

Were you charged as the driver or the registered owner? If you were charged as the driver, either the police involved are inept or there is a lot more to the story than you related above.

If you are being charged as the registered owner you don't have to worry about penalty points.

Otherwise, I would start here.

I am being charged as the owner/driver.

There is nothing lacking in my story. I am very concerned and would not fudge the details.

Explain how as the registered owner I should have no concern over the points. I own the truck and I was driving it. The truck is a 1949 stock Chevrolet and not a hot rod.

So, if you are convicted at trial or pay the ticket, there are no penalty points assessed against your licence.

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That is interesting. Can you tell me how you found that out. Does this also mean that I will not be charged the  Driver point premium of  $347?