NEWS - RV Trailers Get Longer

New BC LogoAccording to Compliance Circular 01-22 RV Trailers with 5th wheel hitch, with a GVW under 10,000 kg, may operate without permits at legal weight, up to an overall trailer length of 14.65 m not exceeding an overall combination length of 19.0 m.

RV Dimensions

According to the circular:

There has been a need for some time to have RV trailer weight and dimension limits be harmonized across Canada and that the trailer length limit be increased to 14.65 m. The majority of RV trailers sold in Canada are manufactured in the United States and are designed to comply with state regulations for weights and dimensions. The popularity of longer RV trailers is, in part, a reflection of changes made in a number of US state regulations to increase the length limit.

For consistency in policy for recreational vehicles nationally, the Federal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was updated by all provinces except British Columbia, by the Vehicle Weights and Dimensions Task Force with an amendment in February 2022 to reflect the following allowable overall length for RV trailers under 10,000 kg GVW.


Longer RV trailers

It's good to see harmonization of regulations.  These are big trailers, but still shorter than the vast majority of commercial vans.

What's got me curious is the 10 000 kg weight limit.  Throughout North America, 10,000 lbs (4 500 kg) is the heaviest trailer one can tow with a non Class 1 license.  BC provides an exception for Class 3 license holders towing non-air brake equipped trailers up to 15,000 lbs, if my memory serves me right - which is a pretty sensible approach given the extra training and practical knowledge required.

But does this now mean that Class 5 license holders can tow RV trailers up to 10 000 kg GVWR?

Class 5 (and 7) Trailers

A class 5 licence holder cannot tow a trailer that is heavier than 4,600 kg.

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