Multiple Problems Involving Elderly Lady

Q&A ImageI have a tenant that is elderly and her vehicle is parked on the street and uninsured.

The mechanical soundness of the vehicle is seriously questionable. The vehicle owner said that the brakes are not working and she had to use the emergency brake to stop the vehicle in the past.

There have been times that she was so heavily medicated, people were surprised to see her get in her vehicle and drive away.

What can be done about this?

Call the police that a vehicle parked on the street may be stollen. They will come, run the plates and find it's not insured and tow it.

As for her being heavily medicated and getting in her car, I was told once that "if I saw a crime happening and didn't report it that I could be held accountable". Her being heavily medicated would mean she was driving under the influlence which is against the law. In that condition she could kill people..

RoadSafetyBC will accept reports concerning unsafe drivers from the public, as will the police. My advice is to report to RoadSafetyBC.

The parked vehicle is a job for bylaw enforcement or the police depending on which services are available where you live.

If she gets into her vehicle, medicated or not, you can report to the police and hopefully they will do something about it. If she is medicated, this is exactly the same thing as reporting a driver impaired by alcohol.