Q&A - Disabled Parking Markings in Vancouver

Handicap SymbolDo underground parking lots in commercial buildings in the City of Vancouver have to display a "sign" at driver's eye level as well as a painted "disabled" marker for designated disabled parking spots?


There's probably a Bylaw

I see no responses yet, so may I suggest you look here?

You might also stop by City Hall, if they don't have the answer they will know where to find it.

What happened, did you inadvertently park in a Disabled space that only had difficult-to-see markings painted on the concrete under your car?


I've received an automated response from the City of Vancouver telling me that someone will answer eventually...

Vancouver doesn't have a disabled parking bylaw

The City of Vancouver doesn't have a disabled parking bylaw.  I once got a parking ticket which I believe was under Bylaw 17.2(j):

"An owner, registered owner, lessee or operator of a vehicle must not cause, allow or permit that vehicle to stop on any portion of street indicated by a sign or other marker as reserved for one or more class of vehicle, except for vehicles of that class."

In the space that I parked, there was a very small wheelchair parking placard attached to the parking meter I was parked beside (which I didn't see).  The problem is that the bylaw that is referenced for disabled parking is for a class of vehicle (like a taxi, a bus etc.).  A disabled driver can drive any class of vehicle.  Any lawyer would roll their eyes at such nonsense.

I was going to dispute the ticket but couldn't bare to spend the effort (which the City literally is banking on).


I received the following answers from the City of Vancouver:

As there is no zoning issues with respect to disabled parking signage, I would defer to whether Matthew Lam in our Processing Centre-Building branch would have any comments from the Vancouver Building Bylaw perspective.

I have discussed this with Rob Waite in the past and it was determined that disabled parking signage should be an universally recognizable standard.  The Parking Bylaw does regulate what the size of the disability parking space should be, which is 5.5 metres long, 4.0 metres wide and have a vertical clearance of at least 2.3 metres.  Also refer to regulation 4.8.4A for signage for disability parking.

- Howie Chow

The Vancouver Building Bylaw does not explicitly ask for the type of signage to designate a disabled parking space.

The provisions is similar to the 2007 BCBC, with Vancouver amendments.  It reads: Parking Requirements for Persons with Disabilities

1) Where parking is provided, the number of parking stalls for persons with disabilities shall comply with the number of disability parking spaces required under the Parking By-law [See Appendix A], and must

a) have a firm, slip-resistant and level surface,

b) be located close, and accessible, to an entrance conforming to Article, and

c) be clearly identified as being solely for the use of persons with disabilities.

2) Where parking is provided for persons with disabilities, entry and exit controls, security controls, ticketing equipment, and pay stations serving such parking stalls shall be designed and installed so that all user functions are located no more than 1 200 mm above the finished paved area, and are accessible.

Based on the above, Clause (1)(c) stipulates that the space is “clearly identified as being solely for the use of…” so this is an interpreted requirement and could mean either a painted logo on the ground or posted signage at the stall (or both) to clearly indicate the designate use of this space.

I don’t think this entirely answers your question but this is the Vancouver Building Bylaw wording.

- Matthew Lam

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