"Bright" Pedestrians

pedestrian wearing an LED light band in the darkAt the beginning of last December I wrote about my experiences as a pedestrian at night in the lower mainland of BC and how dangerous it can be. This time I'm going to admire my neighbour who goes out in all weather to walk her dogs. When it's dark she wears a white LED headlight with a reflective vest and she puts a red LED light on the collar of each dog. There's no mistaking them as they walk along the road edge!

Reflective material, whether it be a vest, an armband or even trim on your clothing is the first step toward becoming a bright pedestrian. No batteries are required and these reflectors don't break, leaving you unprotected. Not stylish you say? I would rather be in one piece than have to worry about style.

Bright LED arm bands are an inexpensive purchase these days. Wrap one around your right upper arm, or better still, both upper arms and you are ready to face the dark as a bright pedestrian. Switching them to blink tends to draw the eye of other road users making you more visible and more likely to be yielded to or passed by at a safe distance.

There are other styles of LED strips available to fit many recreational needs. Bicycles, baby strollers, dog collars and leashes, even in the visors of runner's caps are examples of these versatile lights. There really is no need to go unseen at night, be a "bright" pedestrian.

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I wonder if anyone has ever considered this issue from a different perspective.It seems that most people now feel the need to drive with fog and driving lamps on at all times,regardless of the conditions.Add the fact that there are many vehicles now on the road which are higher up (Pick-ups&SUV's) ,many of which have added to the stock ride height buy installing taller wheel and tire packages.As a result,I have noticed ,I am  constantly blinded buy oncoming vehicles ,on city streets.Maybe this is a contributing factor of why collisions involving pedestrians seems to be more frequent.It used to be Driving lamps were on the high beam circuit only,and fog lamps were amber,and only to be used when conditions dictated they were needed.At the very least,it would be nice if people would properly adjust their headlamps,and driving/fog lamps,especially if they have changed the ride height of the vehicle.If the headlights are properly adjusted,they will offer much greater vision, than any driving lamp will, and will not be so offensive to other drivers.