Q&A - No Pedestrian Crossing

Q&A ImageQ: I am confused by this sign on Pandora Avenue in Victoria that seems to indicate no pedestrian crossing to vehicle traffic yet there is nothing to tell the pedestrian not to cross the street here. There is even a wheelchair ramp encouraging pedestrians to cross. I suspect that there are more examples of this in the area. Can you explain what that sign means?

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Here is what the MOTI's Manual of Standard Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings has to say about the sign:


The SP-9 NO PEDESTRIAN CROSSING sign informs pedestrians that crossing the roadway at the signed location is prohibited.

This sign should be used at locations where pedestrians are known to cross a roadway at a point deemed unsafe or improper.

The SP-9 should be installed to face the sidewalk, with the bottom of the sign 1.0 m above the pavement. This sign should be positioned so as to be highly visible to pedestrians who may be tempted to cross where it is unsafe to do so.

It does not appear that this sign is placed according to the guidelines.

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