Q&A - Child Restraints in a Rental RV

Q&A ImageI am renting an RV to vacation in Alberta and BC with 2 kids: 26 kg and 16kg. I have received mixed messages and am unclear if they require child/booster seats in the RV. Please advise me.


BC Child Restraint Rules

The BC child restraint rules are set out in Division 36 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations.

These are the exemptions from having to use a child restraint according to the BC rules:


36.09 This Division does not apply to the driver or operator

(a) of a motor vehicle licensed in a jurisdiction outside Canada if the driver or operator is using an infant or child restraint system, booster seat or seat belt assembly in compliance with the laws of that jurisdiction,

(b) of a motor vehicle which is being operated as a taxi as defined in section 32.01,

(c) who is a peace officer operating the vehicle in the lawful performance of his or her duties,

(d) who is in possession of and produces on request to a peace officer a valid and subsisting certificate issued by a medical practitioner certifying that the child is unable for medical or physical reasons to wear or be fitted into an infant or child restraint system, booster seat or seat belt assembly, including a child who does not fit within the specifications of any manufactured infant or child restraint system or booster seat that is available for purchase,

(e) of a motor vehicle that was not required to have a seat belt assembly under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Canada) at the time the vehicle was manufactured or imported into Canada unless the vehicle was modified so that there is a seat belt assembly for an available seating position for a child,

(f) of an emergency vehicle, and

(g) of a bus, other than a bus with

(i) a registered model year 1994 or later, and

(ii) a manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating of less than 4 536 kg.

The closest you would come is to 36.09(a) if you were to rent the RV outside of Canada and then visit here with it. That would exempt you from BC's rules but would still require you to follow the rules (if any) in place where the RV is licensed.

I am not familiar with the Alberta rules, but I expect that you could get advice here:

Alberta Transportation
Tel: 780-427-8901
Toll Free: 310-0000 in Alberta
or visit

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