Q&A - Didn't See the New Sign

Q&A ImageI routinely drive in a certain Vancouver area. Tonight I was ticketed for turning right at a red light. I was told there is a new no-right-turn-at-red-light sign, that I think was just installed in the last day or two. The policeman said he was waiting there for people to violate that sign.

I know I was wrong for not seeing the sign, but it is a route I am very used to, it was dark, and it was on a small street where this kind of sign is unexpected. There has always been a no-right-at-red sign on the next parallel street but it is a major road, and I avoided it by choosing this route.

Is there any way to check on when the sign was changed?

Also, is there any way to ask for leeway in a case like this? I am still a student so the ticket is very costly for me.



Yes, there is. Please read the article Disputing the Penalty.

You should be able to confirm when the sign was installed by contacting the City of Vancouver, likely the Engineering Department.

thank you

thank you for your quick reply. I know that I can dispute the ticket, but I wanted to ask if I have a good chance of asking for leeway in this case. If I lose, I will have to pay $121, instead of $96.


Taking Your Chances

It is all up to the justice that reads your submission. Explain what you have here and see what happens. High points that you want to include is that it was new, you are a student with no / low income, you have no previous convictions, you need time to pay or such of this that is truthful and correct.

I would be surprised if you weren't cut some slack in the penalty.

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