Q&A - Do I Have to Stop Twice?

Q&A ImageI was stopped for several seconds behind one car at a stop sign. Does my stop count as a stop at the sign or do I have to stop twice?

Sorry, No.

No, having to wait for the first vehicle generally doesn't count for your stop.

Stopping at intersections

186  Except when a peace officer directs otherwise, if there is a stop sign at an intersection, a driver of a vehicle must stop

(a) at the marked stop line, if any,

(b) before entering the marked crosswalk on the near side of the intersection, or

(c) when there is neither a marked crosswalk nor a stop line, before entering the intersection, at the point nearest the intersecting highway from which the driver has a view of approaching traffic on the intersecting highway.

When You Don't Have to Stop Twice

You may be able to make a case for it if the first vehicle stops too far into the intersection and you find yourself stopped properly at the stop line or crosswalk edge though.

vehicle B does not have to stop twice

In the image above, vehicle B has stopped properly in the position shown. When vehicle A moves off, if it is safe to proceed, vehicle B does not have to stop twice.

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