Q&A - Mistake on Speeding Ticket

Q&A ImageThis weekend I was issued a speeding ticket for speed against a highway sign.  On the ticket the motor vehicle act section says 143(3), however I was looking at the ICBC website which says it should be 146(3). 

Can I dispute a ticket on this basis?  I was speeding and am willing to pay the fine but of course would rather not if I can get out of it.  I'm assuming the ticket is still valid but I would appreciate your expertise.


Section 143(3) MVA

If you look at the Motor Vehicle Act, you will see that there is no such thing as Section 143(3). When this ticket arrives at the ICBC ticket unit, it will be cancelled as it is not completed correctly. The officer who wrote it will be advised and reminded that a corrected ticket may be issued if they see fit to have it done.

If you wish to be completely sure, you could enter a dispute as outlined on the back of your copy of the ticket. In the event that ICBC decides to process the ticket instead of cancelling it, you would be able to make your arguement  before entering your plea on the court date and if the JP agrees with you, it will be cancelled at that point.

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