Q&A - Problems While Using a Demonstration Licence

Q&A ImageI recently got a ticket for section 11 MVA while using my demonstration plate. I had my icbc consent card, driver's licence, d plate & a copy of my garage policy. The officer told me I need a copy of the registration in the car as well.

To my knowledge the copy of the registration is not needed. I would like to fight the ticket but need to know if this is correct.



Section 11 says the following:

Carrying of licence

11  The licence issued for a motor vehicle or trailer, or a photocopy of it, must be carried in the motor vehicle, or in the case of a trailer, in the motor vehicle towing the trailer, at all times while the motor vehicle or trailer is on a highway.

This section does not speak about registration at all.

Demonstration licence

38 (3) On receiving the application in the form required by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, the corporation may issue the applicant a demonstration licence and distinctive demonstration number plate authorizing him or her to operate a vehicle for all purposes relating to the business to which the application pertains.

(4) A vehicle operated under subsection (3), until sold or operated otherwise than for purposes relating to the business to which the demonstration licence pertains, is deemed to be sufficiently licensed for the purpose of this Act and of the Commercial Transport Act.

(5) For the purposes of subsections (3) and (4), "purposes relating to the business" includes personal use of a vehicle of the holder of the demonstration licence by him or her, his or her vehicle salespersons and members of his or her or their households, but does not include use of a vehicle for a commercial purpose not directly related to the sale of the vehicle.

If you produced your APV1914 form, then you did produce the licence required by section 11.

Here is an Autoplan Insurance Guide for Garage Operators that might answer any other questions that you might have.

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