Q&A - Unpaid Traffic Tickets and Collection Agencies

Q&A ImageI received a call from a collection agency today Jan. 26/16 ARO Inc. involving an unpaid $138 speeding ticket dated Jan. 21, 2009. They had been sending correspondence to an address in Delta, BC since 2009. I have not had a drivers licence in BC or lived in BC since 1989. Now 7 years later they want me to pay the fine before Feb. 7/16 or risk having it effect my credit rating.

Is there a time limitation as to when a speeding ticket must be paid in BC? I don't feel I was given fair notice or was I given any information on how to dispute the ticket other than when the ticket was originally issued to me by the RCMP.

I thank you for your response to my question.



The back of your blue copy of the violation ticket contains a fairly comprehensive set of instructions on how to deal with the ticket. I find the gray print on blue paper is a bit harder to read than I would prefer, but hey, I'm not 25 years old anymore either.

There is a paragraph there with the title WHAT HAPPENS IF I DO NOT PAY?

If you do not pay or dispute this ticket within thirty (30) days of the Date of Service, the ticketed amount shown on the front will be payable to the Crown. The described offence(s) will be added to your record as convictions. In addition, you will be subject to collection activity.

So, if you simply ignored the ticket, the payment was due 30 days after you received it.

ICBC confirms that unpaid tickets are turned over to collection agencies for action.

As for the address, what was the one shown on the ticket when you received it? Was it the correct address for you at the time?

speeding ticket from 2007

I don't know what the address was on the ticket. All I know is that the ticket was sent to an address in Delta. I've not had a BC license since 1989 when I moved to Alberta.  I had a rental car at the time and must have left the ticket in the car. Never got anything in the mail, and must have thought I had paid it when I renewed my drivers license. 

Thanks again for your help. 


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