Q&A - Wrong Vehicle Description on Ticket

Q&A ImageMy husband got pulled over for speeding. We recently sold our old car and transferred the insurance to the new car. Instead of putting 2001 silver Chrysler PT Cruiser (new car, which is what he was driving), the officer put 1987 purple Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera (old car) on the ticket.

Do you think he can get out of this ticket for that, even though my husband signed the ticket?


The Shaded Area

This kind of mistake is not immediately fatal to the ticket. If you look near the bottom you will find something to the effect of "Shaded areas do not form part of the offence charged." In effect, the shaded areas of the ticket can hold errors or even be left blank and the ticket would still be a valid document.

You could use this error in combination with any other errors made by the officer during a court dispute however. They would all have to add up to the point where the justice could decide that the officer has so much wrong that the observation of the offence could be wrong as well.

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