VISION ZERO - Getting Cars Off the Road

Vision Zero CanadaHere's an interesting idea. Getting cars off the roads should also be part of Vision Zero. Perhaps even being included as a 6th pillar of the strategy. This article in StreetsBlogUSA made that suggestion.

It appears that the article was triggered by Todd Litman of the Victoria Transportation Policy Institute. In his article Are Vehicle Travel Reduction Targets Justified? he looks at whether transportation policies should include targets to reduce vehicle travel and encourage use of alternative modes, called mobility management or transportation demand management.

When the City of London, England implemented congestion charges in 2003, vehicle travel decreased by 14% and traffic injuries and deaths were reduced by 25%. Reducing exposure reduced the risk.


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Rather than trying to improve road safety by adjusting the number of vehicles on the road, consider the following information from Alberta:

Collision Occurrence by Time Period 2017

Alberta: Collision Occurrence by Time Period 2017

Casualty collisions are most common in the time period 11 am thru 7 pm and are least likely from 3 am to 7 am. Collisions that occur between 11 am and 7 pm are likely as well to inconvenience more non-involved drivers than collisions which occur between 3 am and 7 am. Yet the penalty to the at-fault driver is the same.

Maybe some consideration should be given to adding a point or fine surcharge to casualty collisions that occur during time periods outside the 3 am to 7 am period.

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