Update Your Driving Skills and Knowledge

Learn to Drive Smart Manual coverHow long has it been since you read the manual that new drivers study to prepare for their first driver's license? Why bother you say? You've been driving for years and know it all. I wish I could say that!

Let's start with a visit to ICBC's web site and give the practice knowledge test a try. 25 questions shouldn't take you too long, after all, you are an experienced driver. Getting all the answers correct first try should be simple.

Hmm.... If it wasn't so simple or you didn't get 100% let's move on to Learn to Drive Smart (formerly RoadSense for Drivers), the first of the two bibles you will need to review. Again, it is on line at ICBC's web site or available for free in paper form at any Driver Service Center in the province. Today's version is 158 pages long, probably almost 3 times larger than the book I studied from when I was 16.

Once you finished reading this one, let's move on to volume two, Tuning Up for Drivers. Again, this is free to download at ICBC's web site but will cost you $5.00 if you would like a paper copy. Wow! That's another 128 pages to read through. Who would have thought that this was so complicated? Remember, this was just the knowledge that you needed to get started.

An experienced driver should be well aware of all this and more. If you had trouble, maybe it's time to make a New Year's resolution.

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